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In making an effort to offset my carbon footprint on the world, I strive to work with eco-friendly organizations and strongly recommend that my clients do as well. While my primary focus is to design high-quality print materials on recycled paper, as a designer I also utilize:

  • Apple computers—all my work is created on a Mac. If you would like to learn more about Apple and its efforts visit http://www.apple.com/environment/.
  • Paperless invoices—not only does this reduce my load on the environment, it also saves me a ton on paper and ink. Reduce your paper usage and save!
  • Environmental “designs”—created from resources and contributions of other eco-friendly organizations.
  • Hosted on a wind-powered server—iPage, an EPA Green Power Partner, certifies that their data centers and Web servers are powered by 100% wind energy. iPage purchases one wind-generated Renewable Energy Credit (RECs) for every KWH of electricity used and is applied to the production of wind energy. Wind certificate.pdf
  • Recycling program—I contribute my newsprint, plastic and aluminum containers to local recycle programs, such as (http://www.paperretriever.com/), that help support our local schools and communities.
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